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My desk is currently a jumbled mess- a chaotic array of papers, belts (two black and one brown to be exact), pens and wires cover my working space which to some might feel claustrophobic and distractingly crowded, but I think best in a busy, messy environment.  By literally not giving my physical person any space to breathe and be free, my mind can roam as it will.  That, and also a blank counter space just begs for me to messy it up.  I call it organized chaos.  To the untrained eye it looks random, but I know exactly where everything is…usually.

And right now, my desk is also a very apt metaphor for my life.  Lots of things happening, with me frequently shuffling through the piles and piles of “stuff” on my desk and in my mind.  I’ve had many things going on at once and only just now can I relax and start reorganizing and tidying up.  For the last few months, things have been busy.  A good busy, but also a stressful busy.  I won’t (and can’t) go into many details right now, but I am so eager to share the news with you soon (my closest friends can probably already guess what is as it’s the only thing I’ve been gushing about lately.) Spoiler: I am not getting married.

For Memorial Day my family and I headed up to the town of Mammoth Lakes, which is probably best known for its ski resort, though it’s becoming more and more popular for summertime activities as well.  My family and I have come here several times a year since I was a baby, but my trips have sadly been less frequent lately- my last trip there was a whole year ago.  There was still some snow on the ground, but it was mushy and dirty and really not worth skiing in, so we just spent our days relaxing and doing some light hiking in the daytime.  It was the perfect way to decompress and empty out my brain.  Enjoying the crisp smog-free air, hearing nothing but the occasional chirping of birds, and taking naps in the sunshine is my idea of a pretty darn good weekend.  Below are a few pictures I took, but don’t forget you can also follow me on Instagram for many many more pretty snapshots (there’s a nifty button at the bottom of the page for you!)

Mammoth Lakes, CA Mammoth Lakes, CA Mammoth Lakes, CA