Reliving My College Life

This past weekend I drove up north with a friend to visit our college for the big annual event our school holds every year.  I haven’t been back since I left in September, and I didn’t think I would ever be back for a long time.  Suffice to say, it was a very surreal feeling, going back to the town I spent 4 years in, and staying in the house I lived in for 3 of those 4 (with someone else’s things in my room!).

So for less than 48 hours, I got to re-experience college life- mainly, I could leave dishes in the sink overnight and not get yelled at, navigate hordes of barely dressed people reeking of drugs and alcohol, and deal with a little drama (thankfully, not my own).

I would write more, but that would be rewriting too many inside jokes and/or divulging the sensitive issues experienced by certain peoples of aforementioned drama, so I’ll just be very vague and just divulge some of the more interesting things that happened to me this weekend was:

  • Seeing for the first time a person barf and walk at the same time (a rather remarkable feat in my book, since I always freeze up and stay put when I vomit)
  • Getting lost down some hidden country road and winding up in a yard with rusting tractors, an angry dog, and a scary man sitting on his porch
  • Seeing a rather large meteor come crashing down from the sky- it was orange and green and almost looked like a UFO
  • Having cops stop in front of us and shine their flashlights in our faces (we were pulling out of the driveway and pointed the car on the wrong side of the street w/ the headlights on)

Ah, college life.  I do miss you at times.  But then I remember the days when I stayed up until 6 AM writing a paper and then I don’t miss it.

Here’s a photo I took on campus- isn’t it beautiful?  I feel like I took it for granted when I was there…